The 5th International Conference on Local Government
Grand Atyasa Convention Center, Palembang, Indonesia

September 17—19, 2014 

"Local-based National Development: Pathway toward Empowerment and Prosperity"


     An International Conference on Local Government (ICLG) has been annually held since 2010. Based on this tradition, the International Association for Local Governments (IALG) was established at the 4th ICLG in Surabaya, Indonesia with its core mission to promote local governance and mutual learning among local government scholars and practitioners. To fulfill this mission, IALG and Sriwijaya University will collaborate on organizing the 5th ICLG in September 17-19, 2014. The conference theme is “Local-based National Development: Pathway toward Empowerment and Prosperity.” Discussion topics at the 5th ICLG include:

   • Public policy
   • Representation, participation, deliberation, and conflict resolution
   • Local economic development and financial management
   • Local wisdom, culture, and social capital
   • Transformational leadership and community development
   • In search of the principles of governance at the local level
   • Environment and local natural resources
   • Local population: an enabling or disabling factor in national development
   • Domestic violence and social services
   • Local involvement in public healthcare and education reforms

     For the past several decades, discussions about development have centered around governance, administrative reform, citizen participation, and empowerment. From all around the world, experiences with development and reform reveal to us a variety of challenges and opportunities for more active roles played by local governments. Burgeoning public policy issues—such as domestic violence, inequity, healthcare, and education—require innovative solutions that are both cost-effective and socially acceptable. The 5th ICLG serves as a venue where academicians and practitioners come together to learn and share their experiences. Insights gained through this mutual learning process will advance an existing body of knowledge in local government and development.

     IALG along with Sriwijaya University invite academicians, policy-makers, and practitioners from around the world to submit papers and participate in this conference. We look forward to accepting your papers and your presence at the 5th International Conference on Local Government in Palembang, Indonesia.

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